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Prefense Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Automatic Wall Mount Dispenser

Manufacturer Part No: 350-270201
Prefense Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer is the first and only product on the market today that kills germs on contact and offers continuous protection for up to 24 hours or 10 hand washings with only one application.
Prefense patented formula contains a silica complex that produces a protective, invisible, moisturizing barrier that prevents the drying, redness, chapping and flaking caused by alcohol based products.
Prefense kills MRSA, staph, strep, E coli and many other germs on contact. With a cost per application as low as one cent per use, Prefense hand sanitizer provides the highest level of protection at the lowest cost per use of any product on the market today.
Our alcohol-free formula makes this product ideal for use in areas where alcohol can be a concern. This includes day care centers, public restrooms, prisons and jails and a host of other areas.

Price: $28.57