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I.V. Start Kit with the Dermaframe Transparent Dressing

All of our I.V. start kits contain all of the components needed to start or change an I.V. All kits are packed in an easy to open peel-back sterile pack.Available with Latex or Latex-free tourniquet
Equivalent to the Tegaderm brand dressing.
Kit includes the following items:
   • 1-Dermafram Transparent Dressing
   • 1-Alcohol Prep Pad
   • 1-Roll Transparent Tape
   • 1- PVP Prep Pad
   • 1-Patient I.D. Label
   • 1-Tourniquet
   • 2-Gauze Sponges, 2" x 2" 8-Ply

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Price: $1.09